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Our ethical foundation is built on a passion for excellence. Each client’s tax return is prepared with careful detail and thoroughly reviewed before being submitted for e-file processing. With over 10 years’ experience,

I am dedicated to being your reliable, trustworthy source for Tax Preparation.


My goal is to maximize your return by using my expert knowledge of the tax laws to lower your taxable income. To make filing as easy as possible for you, I have several personalized service options available. We are growing every year and I am constantly working on ways to better serve you. I look forward to building a lifetime relationship with you and your family.  

In the near future I will be building a team by expanding and adding additional financial services.


Download the App and take pictures of your tax documents for a secure upload. Just answer a few simple questions and submit. 

Document with Pen

Fast Turnaround Time

Tax returns can be completed and sent back to you in just a few hours. You will receive an emailed copy of your tax return for your records.

Hard copies will be mailed to the address you provide for the return. 

In addition, you can electronically sign to e-file the Federal and State.


Office Open Year-Round

When you need to get in touch,

TK JONES TAX is open all year. Just call or email your requests and you will receive a response within 24 hours.


  • $50 incentive for referrals

  • Tax Preparation for Personal Income and Corporate Returns

  • Specialize in Tax Planning and Auditing Assistance

  • Refund anticipation loans, subject to bank approval 

  • Refund options by direct deposit, check, and debit cards

Want to work your own schedule?

You can have access to a professional space to meet your clients, utilize the most current tax software, and bank product access. 

Do You Have Tax Preparer Experience?

To Check On Your Refund Click Here: 


Hours of Operation

Office Drop-off Available

Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm


Office Consultations &

Home Pick-up by Appointment Only.

Monday - Sunday 9am to 11pm

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